When one has tasted watermelon, he knows what the angels eat.

Mark Twain

Holy Watermelons!

Sometimes life hands you watermelons. Yes, watermelons. I know, I know, life is supposed to hand you lemons but watermelons are bigger, heavier and when tackled filled with something much sweeter… so I’m sticking to my version and planning on making some sweet watermelon-y goodness out of my giant watermelons. Thanks, Life. 

Truth be told, my life isn’t so stressful - or at least it shouldn’t be. On paper I have little room to complain, but then again there are those unexpected watermelons to tend to. Where are these watermelons coming from, you ask? Well, my mind has a funny way of ballooning trivial problems into massive, scary, storm clouds that trail above me, making them appear much larger than they are.

Why? I have this silly thing called anxiety. But this year I’m trying something new… I’m going to turn my anxious thoughts into humorous (and hopefully inspirational) stories for you. Let’s face it, anxiety isn’t funny — it’s scary, overwhelming and incredibly hard to explain to our non-anxious counterparts — but what’s a girl to do when these feelings begin to boil over? Here is my suggestion: Laugh your way to healthy thinking!  

I’m going to bury the never-ending voice inside my head that is constantly questioning, analyzing and over-thinking every morsel of happiness I muster up. I’m going to start laughing about the ridiculous sparks of anxiety that come knocking on my door when least expected… because life is short and I love to laugh!